Renting Process

Once you contact our rental department we will make a selection of properties based on the characteristics of your interest. After making the visits and once selected the property you are interested in renting, it is advisable to conclude the lease as soon as possible or make a reservation of the property with an ammount equal to one monthly payment together with signing a reservation form in which both parties agree to certain conditions like payment terms etc., and agree the time of signing of the rental agreement.



The rental operation is negotiated individually with each customer and landlord, depending on the characteristics of the property and the needs of both. These are the documents and actions necessary to conclude a rental:

  • Personal documentation of (DNI, NIE, passport)
  • References and information of work/ economic situation (employment contract, payroll, letter of recommendation, etc.)
  • At the signing of the rental contract, a minimum of two monthly payments as a deposit and a monthly rent for the current month.
  • Agency fee equal to one month rent plus VAT 21%.

Once the agreed rental period has expired (normally one year), we will continue to contact you to advise you on the termination/renewal of the contract or search for another property according to your needs.