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    Wind back to two weeks earlier and a discussion in the DreaMarbella office about the terrible situation in Venezuela. Someone suggested a charity event to raise money for food aid. What a fantastic idea, we could walk to La Concha – we all agreed.

    Considering we receive 300 days of sunshine each year on the Costa del Sol it was an unusually cold and humid day when three of our colleagues undertook the walk to the top of La Concha – the highest point in Marbella.

    The day started off miserable and wet and before long our spirits matched! As the walk got steeper it quickly became apparent that the three fittest members of DreaMarbella should probably stick to their day jobs as climbing mountains was not their area of expertise.

    So it was with great fanfare (and relief) that our three dedicated explorers reached the top. However the weather even at this point failed to provide any respite and the subsequent photo clearly shows the lack of visibility and heavy cloud cover we found at the summit. What the photo doesn’t convey is the vicious biting wind relentless rain that accompanied our ascent.

    It was only during our decent while wishing for warmer clothes new legs and a hot drink that the weather changed. Within moments the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly as we looked down over Marbella and the sea. It almost made the 7am start worth it.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks with the hard work behind us and the bad weather forgotten and I’m pretty sure we would all agree to do it again.

    We would like to thank all those involved whether through sponsorship of the event or taking part, watch this space for updates of future events.



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